Secret Agent Short Series

This quick series was originally supposed to be apart of a music video. Needless to say, the clips didn’t make it to the final video. However, opportunity was birthed in the clips rejection. Here’s something fun, quick, and exciting to watch!

Mercedes - (Official Vizualizer)

Dive into the vibrant world of Afrobeats and Dancehall with the official lyric video/ visualizer for my banger ‘Mercedes’! 🚗💃 Let the rhythm carry you away as the lyrics paint a picture of passion and groove. Join me, ré.joseph!, on this musical journey and vibe to the infectious beat of ‘Mercedes’. Don’t forget to hit like, subscribe, and share the love!

Suburban Motel

Play written by George F. Walker


SYNOPSIS: One day, as Denise is taking a nap, Helen, the social worker, comes in, searching through her kitchen. In doing so, she injures herself with a broken glass. Denise and Helen get into a heated conversation, while Helen gets too personal.
MY ROLE: Cinematographer, Editor
DIRECTOR: Katherine Leidlein
CAST: Christine Impara as Denise, Stanzi Schalter as Helen

Social Media Reel

Description: This is a still from a reel for instagram.
Model: Ra’Zhane
My Role: Cinematographer, Editor

Basketball short

Description: When a brother and sister can’t figure out who was supposed to take out he trash before their mother gets home, they play a quick game of basketball to decide who completes the chore.
Cast: Tiffany Moore, Steffahn Maclin
My Role: Actress, Cinematographer, Editor


Description: Music video style video for instagram.

Cinematographer: Steffahn Maclin, Keino
Cast: Tiffany Moore
My Role: Actress, Creative Director, Editor